jewelry makingCreative Jewelry From The Comfort Of Your Home

Have you ever seen jewelry on someone and thought how beautiful it looked?  Did you ever ask where they got it from?  Well I have and the answer was very astonishing, they made it themselves. They sourced beads, sparklies and trinkets and turned them into beautiful masterpieces.

I then got excited about making modern jewelry for myself and all from the comfort of my  own home.  It is easier then you may think, just a few basic techniques and the desire to look good and  you will end  up with that piece of  authentic jewelry that no one else has.  You can choose your own designs, create beautiful gifts, whether it is a necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings.   Jewelry doesn’t have to be gold and expensive, if you like it, that all that matters, and creating your own jewellery can be as individual as the person who makes them.

The tools you will need

Start with the right tools and you wjewelry beadsill make life simpler.

Pliers - there are so many different types of pliers, you will need to find the best for the particular type of jewelry you are working on.  I purchased a round nose pair of pliers to start with, but you may find a pair of pliers in your tool box in the garage will work just as well.
A Bead Board was my next purchase and I find now that this is an essential tool for making Jewelry as it makes it much easier to handle the beads and keep them from rolling off the table.  A good bead board is made of a furry material to hold beads in place so you can design your necklace or bracelet, however there are some bead boards made of plastic as well. The board has channels in which you place your beads in that you are going to use, it is an organizer on the bead board.  The bead board enables you to see what the finished piece of jewelry will look like before wiring or threading it together.   I have also saved old see through containers with lids to store my beads in, this way I can see the beads and if I change my mind and decide on another design, I can see where to look instantly.

The necklace or bracelet is created by threading the beads on to wire or special jewelry thread and then adding some little fancy bead caps and fillers, which enhance the beads and the jewelry work is finished by placing clasps and fasteners at the end.

Then I went onto the internet to source some Swarovski crystal beads in a clear colour to make up a dazzling design.  I made many mistakes on my first attempt and I threaded and un-threaded the necklace, until I got i got this piece of jewelry to look exactly how I wanted it.   This is the fantastic use of the bead board, the end product was perfect, I was very delighted with the results.  I started making more jewelry for friends as Christmas presents and of course made earrings to match.

In the Jewelry Beadsbeginning I only intended to make a necklace for my daughter as a Christmas present, in time I told her it could become an heirloom.  I continue to make jewelry from the comfort of my home for myself and for special gifts for family and friends, who appreciate the time and effort of a gift being made personally for them.  Today high street modern fashion industry is all about bold and beautiful jewelry, so you can create these looks with ease from inexpensive fashion beads purchased either from the internet or from a bead shop.